Little League Seniors National Team

Thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors for helping us get to Italy! We were able to raise enough money to make the 12-hour journey to Novara and back. We played some thrilling games against heavily favored Netherlands and Italy, losing 16-15 and 7-4 respectively. One of the umpires provided a daily overview of the tournament action, and this is what he had to say about our game with the Netherlands:

In the first inning, Hungary let it be known that they were here to play. They came out swinging and running. Every single was immediately followed by a steal of second. This game turned into a track meet. Everytime Hungary would take the lead, the Netherlands would fight back. It was an EPIC see-saw battle. We quickly knew that the game would end on the last pitch. Final score, Netherlands 16 – Hungary 15.

This is what he had to say about our game with Italy:

In the night cap, we shifted from Provini Stadium to a local field. This is the field used by the youth sports program. We had Italy playing Hungary. On paper and from we had seen already in the tournament, there was an uneasy feeling that Italy would have an easy way of it. But this is why we play the games… (the Hungarians) had the Italians completely off balance. Final score was Italy 7, Hungary 4.

The guys had a great time playing baseball, visiting Milan, and just being a team. Once again, we want to thank those of you who helped us get there. We truly appreciate it.